Carl Bean Men’s Health and Wellness Center, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c)3 community-based health and wellness clinic operating to reduce health disparities in black gay men, bisexual men, and heterosexual men.


Established in 2018, Carl Bean Men’s Health and Wellness Center, Inc. (hereafter the Men’s Health Center) is a dream of founder Rudolph H. Carn. While leading NAESM as the CEO, Mr. Carn realize there is a need for a medical center in Atlanta where Black Gay Men inclusive of all men can receive quality medical services for and by inclusive providers. So, after over 10 years of planning the Health Center came to fruition in January of 2018 with the assistance of Dr. Jamaal Clue.

Since July 2019, the Men’s Health and Wellness Center made the decision to hire full time staff and become a full organization with full benefits moving forward.


The Carl Bean Men’s Health and Wellness Center has been a dream for over ten years. I always wanted a health center where Black Gay Men could go and receive quality and personal health care without being judged because of their sexual orientation.

The opening of the health and wellness center marks a milestone in expanding the dream in providing necessary services so that Black Gay Men and men in general can own their health in an environment for men in a safe, and clean no judgement environment.

Presently, the center offers General Medicine, Primary Care, Sports Injury, PrEP enrollment, PEP, screening, as well as care and treatment for HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases. As we grow, and expand the staff and services, we look forward and welcome men to own their health!

– Rudolph H. Carn Chairman | Board President

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Rudolph H. CarnChairman | Board President
Evelyn WilliamsBoard Member
Justin RushBoard Member
Charmika SpenserBoard Member


Traylon Eaton
Traylon Eaton Quality Management Manager
Traylon (Tray) Eaton earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration of Justice with a minor in Psychology from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. He possesses graduate-level training from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia where he earned a Master of Arts degree in Community Counseling, Counselor Education with a focus on public health. Traylon is a PhD Candidate in Rehabilitation Counseling and Rehabilitation Counselor Education. His special interests include clinical-community psychology and intervention, disability and social policy, and action research in rural and urban areas.